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Debtor & Creditor Law

Chicago Debtor & Creditor Law Firm Protects Your Assets

Aggressive litigation services for lenders and borrowers

Whether you are a debtor or a creditor, you have rights that are protected under state and federal law. Schwartz Law Group, LLC helps clients exercise those rights and get the justice they deserve. We represent clients involved in a wide array of cases involving debt, including:

  • Complex debt collection cases
  • Post-judgment remedies

With more than 50 years of combined litigation experience, the lawyers at Schwartz Law Group, LLC have the ability to protect your assets and get you the best possible results in your case.

Chicago attorneys assert creditors’ rights

Creditors often face media criticism for questionable lending practices. But more often, creditors fall victim to dishonest debtors.  Many debtors simply refuse to repay legitimate debts and try to “game” the system. Some even stoop to illegal tactics, such as a fraudulent transfer of assets. The lawyers at Schwartz Law Group, LLC help creditors enforce their judgments and get paid.

Our extensive commercial litigation experience helps creditors obtain and enforce judgments against debtors in commercial and debt collection cases, commercial evictions and foreclosure actions. We handle all aspects of your case, from negotiating payment arrangements with debtors to representing your rights in court. At trial, our debtor and creditor law attorneys staunchly advocate on behalf of your rights and strive to get a judgment entered in your favor.

Once a judgment is entered, our attorneys use a wide variety of post-judgment remedies to help creditors recover their funds. These remedies include:

  • Liens on real estate — In many cases, a creditor can force a sale of the debtor’s property to satisfy the judgment.
  • Citations to discover assets — The judgment creditor can impose a lien on assets other than real estate, and may conduct a debtor’s examination.
  • Levy — The county sheriff can seize and sell a judgment debtor’s property to satisfy an outstanding debt.
  • Garnishments — Creditors can intercept funds belonging to the debtor but held by third parties.
  • Wage deductions — A creditor can deduct money from a debtor’s paycheck to satisfy the judgment.
  • Turnover orders — The debtor must “turn over” non-exempt assets such as a debtor’s bank account to the creditor to satisfy the judgment.

We have extensive experience helping creditors track down and enforce judgments against judgment debtors in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Staunch representation for honest debtors

Debtors who play by the rules should not suffer harsh collections tactics. Nor should they fall prey to aggressive lenders who try to force their businesses into bankruptcy or seek confession judgments against them. If your commercial lender has jumped the gun and threatens the health of your business, Schwartz Law Group, LLC is ready to assist. We are highly motivated to defend small businesses struggling to survive in a very competitive economy from overzealous institutional lenders.

When you need results in your creditor/debtor dispute, you need Schwartz Law Group, LLC

Schwartz Law Group, LLC represents creditors and debtors in state and federal courts throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. We also serve as co-counsel for cases throughout the United States and as local counsel for firms outside Illinois. Call 312-436-1442 today or contact the firm online to schedule your initial consultation.

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