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Confession of Judgment Litigation

Chicago Litigation Law Firm Unwinds Confessions of Judgment

Fight back against confession of judgment clauses

At Schwartz Law Group, LLC, we help commercial borrowers fight back against improper confessions of judgment. We’ve assisted numerous victims, ranging from corporations to entrepreneurs who would have lost their home to a confession of judgment after putting it up as collateral to launch a business. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined litigation experience. Andy Schwartz is a recognized authority on confession of judgment litigation. We have the experience and skill to challenge the validity of the confession clause and unwind improper judgments.

What you need to know about confessions of judgment

Many banks and lending institutions in Illinois incorporate confession-of-judgment clauses into their form promissory notes and guaranties. Many of these forms actually violate the law.  If a customer defaults on such a loan, the confession-of-judgment clause allows the lender to take a judgment against the borrower without notice or a hearing.

These agreements often blindside unsuspecting borrowers, who never knew the contract contained a confession-of-judgment clause. By the time many of these victims figure out what to do, the lender has already seized their assets and has started to liquidate them!

Get your day in court and fight for your rights

Schwartz Law Group, LLC believes that every person deserves a day in court. We also don’t think much of huge lending institutions sucker-punching hard-working business people. So, if you’re shaking your head wondering what in the world to do next, make your next move to Schwartz Law Group, LLC. We’ve had enormous success persuading courts to vacate confessions of judgment and can prevent creditors from seizing your assets. Our attorneys have identified critical flaws with many confession judgments in Illinois and exploit these flaws to challenge the validity of such judgments.

Armed with more than 50 years of combined trial experience, we zealously advocate for your rights and strive to get you the best possible results in court.

When you need a confession judgment unwound, you need Schwartz Law Group, LLC

Schwartz Law Group, LLC knows the legal steps necessary to get you out from under a confession of judgment. We’re also highly motivated to help innocent borrowers who’ve fallen victim to harsh and abusive lender practices. Call us today at 312-436-1442 or contact our firm online to schedule your initial consultation.

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