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Illinois Pension Attorneys Assist Police Officers, Firefighters and Other Municipal Employees

Skillful Chicago advocates work to secure pensions for public workers

Police. Firefighters. Public workers. Throughout Illinois, residents rely on public servants to safeguard their lives, safety and property. Unfortunately, the pension crisis currently afflicting Illinois threatens to cheat these public servants of their promised retirement benefits. At Schwartz & Kanyock, LLC in Chicago, our experienced lawyers provide knowledgeable counsel on public pension issues throughout the state. Over numerous decades and administrations, funding problems have continued to mount, often made worse by attempted short-term fixes. Public pensions are typically managed by individual government bodies, and only a small fraction of these are funded at 100 percent. Even if you serve in a wealthy community or believe your municipality is economically solvent, you could be at risk. Regardless of the specific circumstances, we help public employee pension funds assess their situation and pursue their members’ earned benefits.

Knowledgeable lawyers enforce public employee pension funds’ rights

For many years, politicians have put their short-term interests ahead of their legal and moral duties to public employees. If you’re counting on public pension to meet your financial needs, waiting to take action could cause irreversible harm. We use our knowledge of state law and municipal budget priorities to give you sound advice on issues such as:

  • Funding ratios — Combined, there are more than 600 police and fire pension funds in Illinois. Most carry more liabilities than assets, and the average funding level is lower than 60 percent. By making a detailed investigation of your specific situation, we can develop a sound strategy to maximize your return even if your fund is well below solvency.
  • Interception of state funds — We represented the Harvey Firefighters’ Pension Fund, and helped the Fund intercept a share of the City of Harvey’s share of state revenue to replenish depleted pension funds. We can show you how a recent state law can divert monies to recover unpaid pension obligations.
  • Negotiations and litigation — Listening to news reports about the state’s budget situation can be discouraging, but we have the skills and experience to fight effectively for public employee pension funds at the negotiation table, and in court, if necessary.

Poor decisions at all levels of government created Illinois’ current pension crisis, not the hardworking men and women who protect our residents on a daily basis. If you serve as the trustee for a public pension fund representing police, firefighters and/or municipal employees, we’ll simplify the complex issues and press for a resolution that safeguards your fund’s future and the retirement security of its members.

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Schwartz & Kanyock, LLC provides thorough representation to Illinois public pension funds looking to collect overdue payments. Please call 312-436-1442 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

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