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Chicago Area Judgment Collection

Aggressive Attorneys Pursue Chicago Area Judgment Collection

Effective assistance for attorneys who won the case, but hit the wall

As an attorney who works on a contingency fee basis, you’re acutely aware of the economic perils of litigation. That’s why you observe the first rule of suing: look for the deep pockets. And, you know that if you’re going to finance protracted litigation, you’d better be able to collect. If you have any doubts about your ability to win the case, you settle! So, you made all the right calls: sued the right defendant, went all in at the trial and got a substantial judgment…which you’ve been unable to collect! Now is the time to call Schwartz Law Group, LLC, the nationally recognized authorities on judgment collection.  Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting lawyers in the Chicago area and across the nation when they’ve been unable to collect on court judgments.

Judgment collection attorneys with specific knowledge and experience

Your failure to collect on a single judgment can  ruin your law practice. Moral victories don’t pay the bills, and clients who can’t collect don’t make referrals. Fortunately, Schwartz Law Group, LLC in Chicago knows exactly what must be done to:

  • Locate assets — Your defendant had deep pockets before the trial, so where did all the assets go? We can trace the transfer of funds and real property as the first step to recovering those assets.
  • Unwind the fraudulent transfer of those assets — We have specific knowledge of the substantive law and procedure used in fraudulent transfer litigation, which we have used to great success in convincing courts to order a return of transferred assets to satisfy court judgments.
  • Pierce the corporate veil — If a defendant has constructed a shell corporation to insulate assets from your judgment, we do what is necessary to expose that sham, putting those assets within reach.
  • Pursue successor liability claims

Although we participate in post-judgment litigation across the country, we are especially effective in our own state where we know the court personnel and every wrinkle in the court’s procedure.

Supportive, enthusiastic litigators take the burden off your shoulders

When faced with a deadbeat defendant, many prosecuting attorneys will turn the case over to a collection firm and watch it languish as the statute of limitations ticks away. By contrast, we are highly motivated and enthusiastic about the cases we undertake. We get energized working to right wrongs for hard-working folks like you. We enjoy the many challenges that come with being judgment collection attorneys, and relish the satisfaction of outwitting a con artist who thought he could skate away from an order to pay compensation.

Get your law practice back on track with help from Schwartz Law Group, LLC

A con artist who won’t pay a judgment victimizes your client all over again and damages your law practice. Fortunately, Schwartz Law Group, LLC helps Chicago area attorneys collect on court judgments. Call us today at 312-436-1442 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.

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