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Business Divorce Litigation

Chicago Attorneys Help Disgruntled Co-Owners File for Business Divorce

Negotiating graceful exits and litigating contentious partings

There are numerous similarities between the termination of a business partnership and the dissolution of a marriage. In each case, the participants entered an arrangement with high hopes, dedicated themselves to achieving a vision and at some point found it impossible to continue. As with marriage, it’s essential to have qualified legal counsel to protect your interests. At Schwartz Law Group, LLC, our experienced attorneys have negotiated and litigated an end to business relationships within a variety of entities:

  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • Joint ventures

We have designed effective exit strategies, allowing parties to sell, dissolve, reorganize or liquidate businesses and emerge with value appropriate for their accumulated interest. With more than 50 years of experience in partnership disputes, shareholder disputes and business entity litigation, we are fully qualified to represent your interests. If you’ve been contemplating a business divorce in the Chicago area, Schwartz Law Group, LLC has the experience to help you conclude your dealings on favorable terms.

Personal attention to your financial and emotional concerns

The reasons for terminating a business vary. It could be a conflict over management styles or a different vision over a direction for the company. Some breakups are highly emotional and others are eminently practical, but most involve feelings of personal attachment and financial concerns. Just as you’d expect from a divorce lawyer, our business attorneys provide legal advice and emotional support. Our experience gives us a measure of distance, allowing us to see your situation with fresh eyes. We sincerely care about our clients and you’ll sense that in the way we dedicate ourselves to solving your problems.  We tackle our cases with enthusiasm and energy.

Contact our experienced Chicago litigators to manage your business divorce

Whatever your reason for getting out of a business relationship, if you feel it’s time to quit, Schwartz Law Group, LLC can help.  We have vast experience litigating high-value business conflicts and we give close personal attention to every client we represent. To schedule an initial consultation with Schwartz Law Group, LLC, call us at 312-436-1442 or contact our Chicago office online.

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